Best Beginner's Guide To Python?

Dirk Hagemann usenet at
Fri Feb 6 15:51:50 CET 2004

The Tao of Spike wrote:
> I've recentlty been getting into programming.  I was wondering what
> language to learn first and after asking around I decided on Python. 
> I'm about half way through "Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python" By
> Josh Cogliati (
> and I'm wondering where I should go after this.  Any help is
> appreciated, thanks.
I started to lern programming in python simply by PROGRAMMING IN PYTHON. 
I had some things I wanted to be done by a script and I just started to 
write my script. When I had any difficulties I tried to find the 
solution in books or somewhere in the internet.
May be you should simply start to write more complex scripts or think 
about which special direction you are interested in. Websites? 
Networking (Windows or Linux or..?)? Something else?


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