A Python equivalent of cfengine?

Kent Tenney kent at springfed.com
Tue Feb 17 04:49:59 CET 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Kent Tenney wrote:
>>Any recommendations for automating
>>administrative tasks using Python?
> Yes, do it!  I strongly recommend Python for automating administrative tasks.
> (You might improve the question with a little more context if you wish better
> responses.)
> -Peter

My interest in this stems from doing a bunch
of installations of a package which requires
editing quite a few files, tedious and error

I'd like the convenience of being able to define
the edits in a script.

I was trolling for a response like;
"I've been building this great package which
allows scripting common configuration tasks
in this really clever and simple way ..."

For some reason I got the idea cfengine required
Perl scripting. Upon researching it to improve
my question with a little more context
I find it's not Perl-centric, it's
very well documented and complete ...



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