Import no longer works in Python 2.3.x

Matt Whiteley matt at
Fri Feb 13 17:28:45 CET 2004

Hmm, didn't want to have to hard code paths really. I can't understand
what's been broke all of a sudden. I know there's a fair bit of thought gone
into the os.path logic but I can't seem to find anything that relates
directly to my problem.

Thanks Anyway,

"Paul Clinch" <pclinch at> wrote in message
news:8cf2994e.0402120714.1b0e6ff0 at
> Interesting, I note that there has been some code revision around the
> import. See the whats new in python 2.3, Importing Modules from Zip
> Archives and New Import Hooks.
> If a full pathname is used, eg.
> /home/paul/projects/test/customModules
> the code works as before. This would definitely be safer since the
> current directory may change in the future, causing the import to fail
> anyway.
> Regards, Paul Clinch

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