Loading a Cookie from a Dictionary

Michael Sampson samp0082_at_umn_dot_edu
Mon Feb 2 05:10:48 CET 2004

"John J. Lee" <jjl at pobox.com> wrote in message
news:87wu76ic6x.fsf at pobox.com...
> "Michael Sampson" <samp0082_at_umn_dot_edu> writes:
> > I'm using the Cookie module.
> > Say I have something that looks like this
> >
> > import Cookie
> > c = Cookie.Cookie()
> > c.load(aDictonary)
> >
> > What would the format of aDictornary be, I've looked around the net and
> > can only find examples on how to format the input to load if it is a
> > The best info on this I could find is
> [...]
> What are you actually trying to accomplish?
> Server?  Client?
> John

Assume I have a server trying to create a cookie to send to the browser.
Instead of making the cookies one at a time like

c = Cookie.Cookie()

c['firstname'] = 'joe'

c['lastname'] = 'samson'

c['lastname'][max-age] = 3600

I want to be able to store the info for the cookies in one dictonary and
pass that to the constructor for Cookie(), or load it into the cookie using

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