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"Shah, Rajesh \(GE Consumer & Industrial\)" <Rajesh.Shah at ge.com> writes:

> Hi Everybody,
> Can you guide me to convert string into Int datatype?
> (i.e. How can we convert string into int? like '555' into 555)
> Thanks in advance.
> ~Rajesh

Others have answered with "int".  You should also wrap that with an
exception handler, because your string might not actually be a number.
   x=raw_input("Enter number")   #actually got "one"
   except ValueError:
       print 'Use numeric numbers, e.g., "123", not "one two three"'

Also, "typecast" usually means "the same bits, but interpreted a
different way".  E.g., reading an IEEE 32-bit float as an array of

"Type coercion" means "convert the actual bits, so that the meaning is
similar but it is different in RAM".  This is used for string<->int,
int<->float, etc.

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