Find function names from C

Chun-Chieh Huang jjhuang at
Sat Feb 7 08:33:58 CET 2004

Berlin Brown <bigbinc097_DONT_SPAM at> writes:

> I have to go back to the books, dont know python or lisp very well,
> yacc,lex,  for one thing, that is exactly what lisp does in emacs
> anyway, the way it matches one { with another }

Well, how about etags in Emacs or ctags in vi? I don't know if this is
exactly what you want, but typing "etags *.c" will generate a "TAGS"
file, which contains all function names in those c source files. And
then you can use Emacs to do function name searching. Take a look for
the functionality in Emacs, maybe you don't have to write it by your

Good luck!

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