Hi All, have a question

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Feb 12 19:28:23 CET 2004

Paul Metzger wrote:
> > If you type "python" in the command line, it opens the interpreter?
> >
> > If yes, you can put "#!/usr/bin/env python" in the first line
> > of the script.
> >
> > And remember, in either case, the second line *must* be blank.
> >
> > PD: The "subject" field in the mail is to write the subject
> > of the mail, ;)
> >
> That worked, now may I ask what the /env does? And what difference it makes
> to it, since it works without it on 2 servers, and apparently has to have it
> on one? The two that is works on are Mandrake 9.1 and the other is 9.2 which
> is a bit buggy for my taste, but it's getting worked out slowly, that is the
> only cause I can come up with.

"man env" on Linux should tell you a lot about that.  env is just another
utility program which in this case is used to search for the first "python"
executable in the path and run it.


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