PEP-0315--Enhanced While Loop: An idea for an alternative syntax

Andrew Koenig ark at
Wed Feb 18 20:47:39 CET 2004

"Paul Rubin" <> wrote in message
news:7xsmh8qq08.fsf at
> "Andrew Koenig" <ark at> writes:
> > Any loop that is currently written in the form
> >
> >     while True:
> >         <statements>
> >         if condition:
> >             break
> >         more statements
> If the loop is complicated enough, it's probably easier to just write
> it the way you've written it there.  If it's uncomplicated, there's
> probably a way to do it with iterators, assignment expressions, or
> whatever.  Got a real world example that really benefits from the new
> construction?

I think that reserving "break" for abnormal situations makes programs easier
to understand.  Therefore, I would like a way of saying that I expect the
normal exit (or exits) from the loop to be in the middle.  Whether you
consider this desire to be part of the real world is up to you.

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