mcmillan installer web site

simo simoninusa2001 at
Fri Feb 20 23:34:36 CET 2004

"bap" <no_spam at> wrote:

> Is anyone else having problems accessing the Mcmillan installer web site
> ( I get a no permission error message - so I don't
> know if my ISP is blocked or something is wrong with the web site.

Yeah, been down for weeks, nothing's been said about why, as far as I

Wonder if GM would get pissed if somebody put a mirror up, the license
looks GPL?

*For now* I've got a zipped copy of the latest version at:

I think I might also have one with an InstallShield for Windows
(although you can just unzip the other one).

I might put a Bittorrent up somewhere to save my bandwidth later.

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