Python.h problem-> /usr/include/python2.2/longobject.h:48:warning: ISO C89 does not support `long long'

Tim Peters at
Wed Feb 11 00:24:05 CET 2004

[seberino at]
> I agree.  Perhaps I'm being "pedantic" :) but I was just
> curious if Python source is using stuff that is NOT ANSI C.
> Is "long long" an extension of ANSI C?

It depends on which ANSI C you're talking about.  "long long" in not part of
C89; it is part of the current ("C99") ANSI C standard.

> That Python uses?

Only on platforms that support "long long".  It's the expansion of the macro
PY_LONG_LONG.  For example, under Microsoft's compiler, that macro expands
to __int64 instead.

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