debugging python COM server

Syver Enstad syver-en+usenet at
Wed Feb 11 15:33:45 CET 2004

Max Ischenko <max at> writes:

> Hi,
> I wrote a COM server in python to be used from ASP/IIS environment.
> And I have very bad problem with it -- from time to time dllhost.exe
> goes to 100% CPU and hangs...only iisreset helps.
> I wrote the test script that opens a bunch web sessions to IIS and
> reproduce this deadlock. The problem seems to be caused by some race
> condition in a COM destruction trace.
> The hard part is that I have no idea how to debug this situation. I
> added a bunch of print stmts in my python code but they didn't
> help. May be it is a problem in win32com (or my usage of it) but I
> can't be sure.
> Are there any tips or trick?

Have you tried using win32traceutil? Python win has a viewer for
win32traceutil that enables you to see everything that is printed to


Syver Enstad

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