any examples of great well-written web apps?

Lothar Scholz llothar at
Mon Feb 16 20:53:23 CET 2004

"Valya Illieva" <zena13 at> wrote in message news:<FusXb.304324$I06.3087988 at attbi_s01>...
> To whom it may concern:
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You are write when looking from a web-designer point of view that PHP
is better then Python. But you have this opinion only because you have
not written larger applications, anything more then a simple
messageboard. If you do this you find that Python is much much better,
especially when used with webware as an application server.

The C++ style argument is a typical argument for someone who don't
understand the internals and instead critices the pure outfit.

So if Python Baby wants to write something complex python is the
choise number one. Only very large projects (> 30 person years) are
done better with J2EE.

But back to the request for large examples. I must say that the sad
story is that there is no larger open source web python application as
far as i know.
Maybe you find something in the Zope world and on the
webserver. The time i looked i didn't find anything else then plone.

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