Is MVC architecture applicable for web environment??

Kevin Dahlhausen kdahlhaus at
Thu Feb 26 18:43:08 CET 2004

This caused me a lot of frustation when I moved to a java development
house.  What  most people call MVC in relation to web based apps is
not what the traditional MVC is in the sense of OWL, Fresco, and the
like.  ( I've noticed in the java world that pundits tend to grasp a
concept, skew it, and promote it.)

People are actually referring to the common notion of a layered model
where there's a domain or persistence layer, 'controller' code that
manages flow of the pages and marshalling and unmarshalling web-form
data to domain objects, and a 'view' layer that is often the
templating system or server-pages.

It works well enough, especially on larger projects, I just wish it
were called something other than MVC.

ketulp_baroda at wrote in message news:<f046efac.0402260204.2ed4588b at>...
> Hi
> Is the true mvc architecture ( with observer-observable pattern as
> implemented in JAVA) not applicable for web environment??
> I mean to say that the HTTP protocol is request/response based so
> there is no notion of an "event" being notified ...
> whereas the observer-observable pattern is based on event.

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