Simple web proxy - help needed

John J. Lee jjl at
Sat Feb 7 01:29:05 CET 2004

forshtat at (Ziv Forshtat) writes:

> jjl at (John J. Lee) wrote in message news:<87ad43kgn6.fsf at>...
> > Back again... just remembered I posted a tiny MSIE plugin skeleton to
> > the ctypes list a while back.  That might actually be very close to
> > what you need already.  Use the latest version of ctypes.
> Hi John,
> Thanks for your reply - it really seems like this could work for me,
> but I was unable to locate the posting that you mention here.
> Could you please be so kind as to send me a pointer?

Sorry for the long delay...

Here it is:

(make sure to use the newest release of ctypes: there are several bugs
fixed that would otherwise break this script, including the one
described in that message)


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