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Tue Feb 10 14:21:54 CET 2004

Nick Craig-Wood wrote:

#- This is very similar to the python statement
#-     a, b, c = array
#- BUT, the Python will throw an exception if array isn't exactly 3
#- elements long, wheras the Perl will work for any length of @array,
#- either throwing away excess elements or setting the variables to

What is an array?

If you mean a list, list are encouraged to be used when you're not certain
of the length of the array, when the length has no meaning by itself (for
example, the files in a directory).

In this case, that asignment has no future. You don't want a special name
for the first element of the list, and other different name for the second

Otherwise, if with array you mean a tuple, tuple are encouraged to be used
when its length and element positions are meaningful (for example, the
position of a point in space, (x,y,z)).

In this case, that asignment is ok: with the example of the point, it's ok
to do "(x,y,z) = pointInSpace". But in this case, you'll *always* have three
elements. Not two or four, three.

Disclaimer: the differences about mutability don't apply here.

.	Facundo

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