Python Productivity Gain?

kbass kbass at
Sun Feb 15 03:53:31 CET 2004

In different articles that I have read, persons have constantly eluded to
the productivity gains of Python. One person stated that Python's
productivity gain was 5 to 10 times over Java in some in some cases. The
strange thing that I have noticed is that there were no examples of this
productivity gain (i.e., projects, programs, etc.,...).  Can someone give me
some real life examples of productivity gains using Python as opposed other
programming languages.

>From my our personal experience, I have been programming with Python for
about 6 months (but I have been programming in other languages for over 10
years) and I have noticed that the more I had gotten use to programming in
Python, the more my programming speed has increased. But ... this is true
with any language that you program in as long as you are learning the
methodologies and concepts of the programming language.  Your thoughts.


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