truly global variables

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Feb 19 16:31:44 CET 2004

ketulp_baroda at wrote:
> Global variables are not truly global in Python ; they are only global
> within a module namespace. I want a variable such that if i change its
> value in any module then it should be reflected in other modules too.
> What I mean is I wanta varibale say i whose initial value is 1.
> If I change value of i in to say 5 and now I print value of i
> in ,it should print 5.How to do this??

Provided you're willing to have a dot in the name of the variable,
this is actually quite possible, as Ben shows even though he markets
his approach poorly by saying what you want is not possible. :-)

If you can explain why you wouldn't want to just use a module to
contain your globals, we'll be able to suggest alternatives (and
there are some alternatives, they're just not usually as clean or


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