test for raw string

Dave Brueck dave at pythonapocrypha.com
Wed Feb 25 17:47:21 CET 2004

John wrote:
> I have a function that takes a string as an argument.  Is there a way
> to test whether the caller of this function passed in a raw string
> def func(s):
>     if israw(s): do_x()
>     else: do_y()
> func(r'\hi mom')  # do_x
> func('hi mom')    # do_y

>From your program's point of view, I don't think there _is_ such a thing as a
raw string. Consider:

>>> r'dave' is 'dave'
>>> r'dav\e' is 'dav\\e'

It's merely a convenience thing for us humans. Why would your program care
though (what are you trying to do)?


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