unitest with python curses app

Brian balex at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 20 15:52:46 CET 2004


I'm writing a program with curses in python and having a bit of trouble
understanding how to use unittest. So far, I have used testing
successfully -- as long as the report goes to stdout (or does unittest
write to stderr?)

The curses part of the program seems to affect unittest's writing of the
report. The screen is not what the report expects, so a lot of
information is in the wrong place after the program exits. (I actually wrap
the calls into the
curses library with curses.wrapper() in an attempt to restore the display
properly after the program exits -- to no avail. I guess the problem is
that unittest writes to the display while curses has control, not just
just afterwards.

How do I handle test reporting for a graphical (curses) application? I
would really like to read or capture the report on screen after the
program exits.

Many thanks,


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