pygame and tutorial

Pete Shinners pete at
Wed Feb 18 17:11:44 CET 2004

ardechou wrote:
> i want to find a tutorial for pygame 
> but not on the site of pygame , just a tutorial for a beginner , to
> open a progam , to see the resolution of the screen , to use the mouse
> , to write text on screen
> and a lot of small tips ... 

Hello. Not sure why you want to avoid the pygame site for pygame tutorials? 
There are plenty to choose from. For beginner tutorials and tips I've put 
together a small list at the end of this message.

A lot of people also prefer learning from examples. The pygame package comes 
with about 8 tutorials of different types of programs. If you are on Windows 
you may not have gotten the tutorials, they come on in a separate file,

Import and Initialize

Setting Display Modes

Help! How Do I Move An Image?

Line By Line Through the Chimp Tutorial

13 Newbie Tips

Moving on from these beginner tutorials there are other which help you 
through designing the parts of a full game.

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