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Fri Feb 27 08:54:26 CET 2004

You may want to try wxPyPlot wich is at:
It only depends on numeric and wxPython... and =) has a Boa Constructor ( ) plug-in wich is a great feature
for me.
It laks many of the features that are found in scipy.gplt but it´s fast and
py2exe compatible.



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> I'm interesting in finding the ultimate cross-platform python plotting
> module.  So far I've used scipy.gplt and biggles which both have
> disadvantages.  There is no python 2.3 binary package for biggles in
> windows, and scipy.gplt doesn't seem to work with MacMillan's installer
> in Windows.  I haven't tried py2exe yet.
> I need a plotting program this is:
> -Cross platform (linux and windows) and can build into binary form, or
> easy to install form on linux and windows.
> -Hopefully still maintained (unlike biggles)
> -Easy to use (like scipy.gplt)
> I wasn't that impressing with the Gnuplot python module, and I haven't
> tried scipy.plt or chaco yet.
> Alternatively, if someone can tell me some way that I can package my
> code so that others in Windows can run it.  I just don't want other
> people to have to download python, Numeric, scipy, and biggles, for
> example, just to get my code to run.  But if I could easily package all
> that stuff into one, that would be fine, although the installer would be
> huge.
> David

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