distutils install dir

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 17 01:08:23 CET 2004

What is the best way to get the target install dir from distutils when 

  python setup.py install 

is run.

Eg, on a standard python install to /usr/local I want


and on a standard win32 python installation I want

I also want to handle the case when an alternate prefix is installed.

To to ask the question another way.  I want to add SomeFile.pth to the
install dir.  For various reasons, extra_path is not a good choice for
me.  I just want to copy a file SomeFile.pth to the site-packages dir.
My workaround is to treat SomeFile.pth as a data_file, and add it to
the site-packages dir (stored in sitep) with

    data_files = [ (sitep, 'SomeFile.pth') ]

      ext_modules = ext_modules, 

John Hunter

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