Interaction with two mouse

David M. Wilson at
Sat Feb 7 00:39:22 CET 2004

"Michele Diegoli" <m.diegoli at> wrote...

> I have an hard question:
> I want to use two indipendent mouse with my application.
> How can I implement this?

Assuming you mean Windows, and assuming there is no way of disabling
the multiplexing effect of Windows (see other peeps' posts), then
perhaps you could write a very small driver to loop reading from an
RS232 port and working out the current coordinates.

I would imagine that Windows stops mouse detection after it finds one
on the USB bus and/or the PS/2 port, with RS232 being a fallback. So
if you have one mouse plugged into the PS/2 port, then booting with
another connected to the RS232 port leaves it free for apps to talk

What you do with the events received from this little driver is up to
you. I can imagine < 100 lines of code implementing enough to generate
move and click events.

A bit of a crazy suggestion, but might be a useful fallback if you
find no other solution. :)


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