Mcmillen Installer Question

David Bolen db3l at
Thu Feb 12 00:42:04 CET 2004

simoninusa2001 at (simo) writes:

> andywil at (Glawster) wrote:
> > DeprecationWarning: the FCNTL module is deprecated; please use fcntl
> > DeprecationWarning: the TERMIOS module is deprecated; please use termios
> Read the errors, you're using uppercase module names, I've had this a
> few times and actually think it's legacy code in Installer.

It happens with me (at least with 5b5) with Installer too and it
doesn't have anything to do with the original source using uppercase
module names (nor even referencing those modules directly).

What appears to happen is that some of the system libraries being used
will have conditional references to modules like "fcntl" (lowercase).
Under Windows, there is an FCNTL module (uppercase) installed in the
library that results in the above error.

Somehow when installer is tracking imports, it processes the
conditional reference to fcntl, but locates the FCNTL module, only the
resulting compiled .pyc file is written as fcntl.pyc (lowercase).  At
that point, the conditional code (which previously never found fcntl
and skipped it) actually loads the fcntl.pyc (generated from the and you get the warning on the import.

I'm not sure if there was a later version than 5b5 (the web site
really does seem to be down doesn't it) that addressed this or not,
nor have I really been annoyed/impacted enough to troubleshoot it

-- David

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