Pure Python HTTPS Server

Paul Rubin http
Sat Feb 28 00:40:30 CET 2004

Trevor Perrin <trevp at trevp.net> writes:
> I'm a little fuzzy about asynch stuff.  I don't think I can emulate a
> file-descriptor to make it work with select().  What about an
> interface where you can say "get any available bytes", with no
> blocking?  Is that on the right track?

I guess you could use that in combination with pause/sigalarm to
emulate select, but it's probably better to find some way to use
select directly deep down.

> Are you and Paul still looking at adding ciphers to stdlib?  That
> would make me really, really happy :-)....

Do you mean me?  I proposed a standard block cipher API and wrote a
sample implementation last year, but had to set it aside temporarily
because of other commitments at the time.  Between then and now I
heard that the distro maintainers decided they weren't willing to put
ciphers into the stdlib because they were concerned it would create
legal obstacles importing Python into certain places.  They didn't
seem to mind that the existing rotor module already creates those same
issues, or that just about every web browser these days contains an
SSL stack, so they only need to be concerned about places where it's
illegal to use web browsers.  I haven't pursued the issue since then,
but I guess I can do some more work on the code now.  

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