ANNOUNCE: Build 200 of the pywin32 extensions (win32all) available

jmdeschamps jmdeschamps at
Mon Feb 9 19:32:05 CET 2004

m_webber_sydney at (Matthew) wrote in message news:<b6ba3f59.0402081333.71dc7cdb at>...
> Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message news:<c03pel$19ts$1 at>...
> > Hi all,
> >    I have released a new version of the win32all extensions.  I have 
> > also changed significantly the way I release them.
> That sounds great. For those of us who have the ActiveState Python
> release, which had win32all bundled with it, is there any way we can
> upgrade that win32all, or do we need to uninstall ActiveState, then
> install vanilla Python and then win32all?
> Thanks

I just double-clicked it in this week-end over my ActiveState installation!
Works great (up to now ;))

BTW - Thanks for the extended caracter set, Mark (Héhé...)!


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