Python+CORBA Vs EJB!

John johng2001 at
Wed Feb 4 19:04:45 CET 2004

I am looking at solutions for creating distributed objects. I am
interested in comparing Python + CORBA (Fnorb, OmniORBPy etc) vs EJB.
Could any of you who have used both contrast them for me? At the first
pass, OmniORBPy actually seemed easier than EJB but EJB development is
far better supported in tools and thus could potentially be easier.
Both can interop one way or other with all of my clients.

I am looking for development insights in terms of development ease,
features (I don't need many now but eventually I likely will) and

Please note that I want to compare CORBA development in Python with
EJB, not CORBA in general with EJB.

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