convert utf-8 to latin-1?

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Thu Feb 5 19:51:41 CET 2004

Uwe Mayer <merkosh at> pisze:

> in a PyQt application I'm writing, the user can select a filename with a
> FileDialog. Then I would like to open this file. This works fine if there
> are no "special symbols" in the filename, such as the german umlauts: "ÖÄÜ"
> Currently I convert the returned, of what I'm pretty sure its a utf-8 string
> object, to a normal string using the str() function. But then my string
> contains garbage and I cannot find that file on my ext3 fs (which uses
> latin-1).
> So my first question is wether you *can* convert it without loosing
> something and secondly: how?

I use unicode() to convert QString returned by Qt widgets to unicode
object, then encode it in latin2. Qt uses its own string class, not
ordinary strings.

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