py2exe problem - need wsvc6?

Aaron aaron at
Fri Feb 20 04:09:27 CET 2004

You do not need a C compiler to make a standalone application.
In version 0.5 the files changed a bit.

First of all can you run your python script on the commandline?

I have a hello world app as follows:
print "Hello World"
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
       description="a Test",

e:\Python23\python.exe py2exe

Try to build this app and see if your py2exe is setup correctly.


Tim Axtelle wrote:

> I am new to Python and am trying to create a standalone exe from a
> python script using py2exe 0.5.0 and Python 2.3 without success.  I am
> able to generate the appropriate .exe file but it is not executable. 
> Running it does absolutely nothing.
> The sourceforge site says that wsvc6 is required for py2exe.  Is this
> true?  If so, it is contradiction with the python faq which claims
> that no C compiler is necessary with py2exe.
> I also tried Gordon Mcmillan's installer which I found completely
> incomprehensible despite the prodigous "easy to use" claims.
> Please help this obviously flustered newbie.  Thanks in advance.

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