keyword that stops further processing of a Python script

Avi Kak kak at
Tue Feb 17 16:08:18 CET 2004


  I would like to thank Peter Otten and Miki Tebeka
  for posting their replies.  I was getting tired of
  having to repeatedly comment out and uncomment my
  long scripts during their development.

  To summarize what Peter and Miki said, the logical
  end of a script can be marked either with sys.exit("debug")
  or with 'raise SystemExit'.  Another option is to
  put triple quotes around the part of the script you 
  don't want to see executed.

  In retrospect, all three suggestions --- especially the
  one about using triple quotes --- should have been
  obvious to me.  But that's the way the human brain works.
  Sometimes what's seemingly the most obvious is not so
  obvious until someone else points out its obviousness.


On 17 Feb 2004 03:26:28 -0800, miki.tebeka at (Miki Tebeka)

>Hello Avi,
>>   Does Python provide a token like Perl's __END__
>>   that would mark the logical end of a Python script 
>>   which could occur before the actual end of the file. 
>Just place `raise SystemExit' where you want the script to stop.
>Another option of to use triple quotes around the end of the file.

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