newbie with a gui question

niekko akniekko at
Wed Feb 4 04:34:02 CET 2004

That's just it, the course material is "go out and find
it on the 'net."  I've got several books on Python and none of them help
will building this gui.

Can someone get me started, at least??

"Ben Finney" <bignose-hates-spam at> wrote in
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> On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 17:57:16 -0900, niekko wrote:
> > I wrote a program for a class and now have to make a gui for it.  I've
> > done several hours of research and am stuck.  Can someone point me in
> > the right direction, please????
> Possibly the course material?  I'd expect that your assignment is to
> employ the methods that have been taught to you.
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