Allowing non-ASCII identifiers

Dan Bishop danb_83 at
Sat Feb 14 17:55:28 CET 2004

"Brian Quinlan" <brian at> wrote in message news:<mailman.19.1076701459.31398.python-list at>...
> Paul Prescod wrote:
> > > class @class:
> > >     def @def(@def):
> > >         pass
> > >
> > > cl\u0061ss.d\u0065f(true)
> > 
> > Have you ever seen real code like that? 
> I've never seen any non-ASCII code in any language. 

The code posted above is all-ASCII.
> > If not, what are you worried about? That C# programmers are reasonable 
> > but Python programmers are devious and will go to extra effort to make
> > your life difficult?
> I don't think that there is any reasonable usage of syntax like that, so 
> why have it in the language?

C# was designed to work with classes written in other languages, which
have different sets of keywords.  Therefore, C#'s needed to deal with
questions like "How do you use a class named 'operator' (which would
be a valid identifier in VB.NET but not in C#)?", and the "@operator"
construct was a very reasonable solution.

I don't see any need of it in CPython, however.

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