Deploying Python _Applications_

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Mon Feb 2 17:22:52 CET 2004

Seems to me the point of the question wasn't how to use distutils for
application deployment (which I don't think is what it was meant for),
but what else is out there.  To answer that, py2exe and Gordon
McMillian's Installer are available.  I can't say much more, as I'm
still puzzling out how to use them myself, but there are plenty of
people here to help.

- Mark

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Hello Sridhar,

> 1. Installtion prefix contants '/usr/ or /usr/local'
> 2. Some constants set during build (like 'HAVE_GTK2' in autoconf)
> I searched the distutils documentation and seems to be distutils can't
> handle these.
> Any thoughts?
You can write any code you like in the `' script.
I use a .ini file with all these parameters written at install time
(on M$ world NSIS is doing this). And then at run time the script load
the .ini file and run.


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