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>*** Problem: Many builtins are not necessary
>Many builtins are not necessary. To name a few: min / max / len
>This functions should be defined on the class:
>["I", "like", "Python"].len()
>{1:"I", "2":"like", 3:"Python"}.len()
>"Throwing away" this builtins would flatten the alreay flat learning
>curve once more (you don't have to learn that many builtins) ... these
>functions belong to the class and they are naturally expected there.
>One weakness of a language as (Visual)Basic, PHP, ... is its payload
>of available functions... Python's OO helps here to diminish the need
>for lots of functions.

"Practicality beats purity"; if you're not familiar with that, start up
an interactive Python session and type "import this".

In this case, this means that Guido thinks that len() is such a common
usage that it works better as a function than a method.
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