Getting Python/IIS/ASP to work

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Sun Feb 29 21:40:38 CET 2004

Geoffrey wrote:
> I have been struggling to get python to work as the scripting language
> for ASP and I am wondering of there is something special I need to do
> to IIS.
> I have created a simple test script as follows;
> <%@ Language = Python %>
> <%
>   Response.Write("Python lives in the ASP delimeters!")
> %>
> <HTML>
> <head></head>
> <body>
> <h1>My Python Test</h1>
> </body>
> </html>
> needless to say all I get is the <h1> header test "My Python" so IIS
> will serve the page and render the HTML correctly, however, the ASP
> tags are still visible in the renders page and none of the
> instructions are carried out.
> I have followed several of the instructions I found on the net,
> installed the Activex component for python, including the security
> patch and all of which seems to be working OK.
> IS there something I need to do to setup IIS to start interpreting the
> ASP information correctly ??

Hard to diagnose without more info, but rather than draw this out into a
lengthy Q&A, I'll just tell you my (working) config on Win2k Pro:

Permission: Read
Execute Permission: Scripts only
App Protection: Medium (Pooled)
	App Options
		Default ASP Language: Python

On that folder, I have ".htm" mapped to use asp.dll, because I'm not
currently developing any apps that mix .htm and .asp.

HTH. Feel free to ask more questions.

Robert Brewer
Amor Ministries
fumanchu at

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