Is there Multi-media support in Python ?

DH no at
Wed Feb 18 04:04:58 CET 2004

Paul Prescod wrote:

> Will wrote:
>> Is there multi-media support in Python? So I can...
>> 1 - play video in all the standard formats... windows & Mac?
>> 2 - play flash files
>> 3 - Power Point
>> 4 - Standard graphic formats
>> 5 - Sound in all the standard formats
>> 6 - etc
> Python is a programming language. All it does is computations. Python 
> can be embedded into environments that can do more than computations. 
> e.g. you can embed it into a Windows MFC window or a Pygame application 
> or a Macintosh Carbon application. In each environment you will get a 
> different mix of features.
> If you tell us your operating system we can tell you what environment 
> you might want to embed Python in with all of these capabilities. Python 
> itself has a lot less to do with it than the GUI you are using Python 
> within.

He already did.  See the excerpt you quoted.

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