Best Beginner's Guide To Python?

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"sean" <sean_berry at> writes:

> 2)  No use of curly braces {} to group code.  This is by far my biggest
> problem with python.  I have, on more than one occasion, needed to put some
> code in a loop for testing purposes.  In java, c, perl, etc... you write
> your looping statement and throw a couple of braces around the code you want
> it to use.  In python, you write your looping statement... but then have to
> indent each line that will be looping.  After testing, all indents must then
> be deleted.

When you say you must indent every line and then undent every
line....are you using an editor that knows how to do a block
shift-right and shift-left?  In emacs, you just grab the code with a
sweep of the mouse and hit "C-c >" or "C-c <".  I haven't timed it,
but it would be in the neighborhood of (and maybe faster) than
inserting and deleting curly braces.

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