Creating Self Extracting Zip using Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Feb 18 18:21:18 CET 2004

DH wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> > Calvin FONG wrote:
> >
> >>By the way, what does HTH stands for?
> >
> >
> > Google is your friend, as usual. :-)
> >
> >
> I know people get their rocks off here patronizing newbies, but how
> about pointing them to the tutor list instead?

How would that have helped?  Does the "tutor list" have a service
for answering questions about what commonly used acronyms mean?
I wasn't aware of that...

By the way, "patronizing" has a primary meaning of "to act as a 
patron towards; to support; to aid", so I'll take your comment
as a compliment.  (And thank you!)

Also, having checked the meanings of "stupid" that I find on 
the web, I would have to say that there *are* stupid 
questions.  Stupid can be "very dull, insensible" and "resulting
from stupidity; formed without skill or genius".  I thought the 
question was more lazy or just indicating of inexperience than
stupid, though.

Calvin, is very likely neither stupid nor lazy, but just new, 
and he didn't think to use Google.  I gave a helpful pointer to 
it and, after a few more such incidents occur, he'll likely turn 
to it first in the future.  (I'm sure we all went through periods 
where we didn't think of Google first for such things.  I know 
mine lasted several years!)

Lastly, why not try helping newbies or others from time to time
yourself, instead of simply criticizing those who do?


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