`If ` Q from newbie

Ian Pellew ipellew at pipemedia.co.uk
Fri Feb 20 13:51:54 CET 2004

Hi all;

As my starter into Python I have a small project using pullparser.py

My problem is testing what is coming back from a def() in
I bet this is me not understanding something in Python.

I do

tk = p.get_token()
print tk

and get:-
1  Token('data', '\n \n\n', None)
2  Token('comment', '#include virtual="/software/main/inc/warning.inc"
', None)
3  Token('data', '\n\n', None)
4  Token('startendtag', 'meta', [('name', 'DC.Rights'), ('content',
'Copyright (c) 2004 by IBM Corporation')])
5  Token('data', '\n', None)
6  Token('startendtag', 'meta', [('name', 'Security'), ('content',
7  Token('data', '\n', None)
8  Token('startendtag', 'meta', [('name', 'Robots'), ('content',
9  Token('data', '\n', None)

I wanna 
"if (tk????? is None): continue"

More generally, how do I know what is being returned from a def()? 

Pointers/Advice pls.


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