ANNOUNCE: Build 200 of the pywin32 extensions (win32all) avai lable

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Mon Feb 9 11:01:57 CET 2004

MH>From: Mark Hammond [mailto:mhammond at]
MH>   I have released a new version of the win32all extensions.

MH>The change-log and downloads are available via the project's 
MH>SourceForge page

First and foremost, thank you as always for keeping these
extensions going. I've been working on some win32 security
stuff lately, trying to create a higher-level Python wrapper
for the (byzantine) Win32 security API. 

I couldn't see an obvious CHANGELOG in the binary or source 
distributions. Am I missing something? I did see the release
notes on the download page, but they were quite high-
level; I was hoping to see *what* had been added / changed
in win32security, and elsewhere.


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