advice on programming style: is multiple inheritance bad?

Uwe Mayer merkosh at
Fri Feb 6 22:24:03 CET 2004


Michael Hudson wrote:
>> >> BTW: when doing m.i. you can't mix new-style and old-style objects, or
>> >> else Python exits with a Segmentation Fault. :)
>> > 
>> > Uhh, really?  Example please.
>> Seems only to occur in connection with Qt. :(
> Ah, good, not a problem I can fix <wink>.
>> Code as the one below, inheriting from some Qt Widget and using
>> m.i. with new-style classes cause a Segmentation Fault on my
>> machine:
> Weird.  I take it you've reported this to the PyQT folks?

After you said, I did. I just received response that this was already fixed
in the CVS snapshot 20040202 :).

I also reported a bug in pyuic, which left out a "self." in front of a
toolbar object when you GUI had a spacer object in the toolbar.
That's however still a problem.


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