Had Phyton suggested

Paxcal paxcalpt at sapo.pt
Sun Feb 8 16:48:35 CET 2004

I think that Python is really the best shioce... I started programming in
Python to make games and soon I started to listen people talking about how
easy and fast it was to create games in Python. Now I'm one of then =) .
Python is an object oriented interpreted language that can be used to do
from the simplest things to the extremely powerfull. The fact that it is
interpreted means that it's really easy to "compile" or run aplication
without extensive knowledge.
In fact when I took my first look at the Python documentation, after a few
hours I was starting to play with code.

If you are interested in looking at game programming with Python take a look
at this site:




I'm sorry for my bad English but it is not my primary language...

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