Thoughts about Python

Marco Aschwanden PPNTWIMBXFFC at
Tue Feb 24 22:33:50 CET 2004

> > I find your Thoughts about Python very interesting and valuable. I agree
> > in many of your arguments.
> He mostly presented not arguments but unsupported ideas.  Most are based on
> misunderstandings with obvious flaws to experienced Pythoneers.

I cannot rule out misunderstandings and yes, I cannot see obvious
flaws (still can't, but I obviously have to read through all the
material to get answers). I do admit, that my "thoughts/ideas" may
have implications on the interpreter/language I cannot assess.

> > I would recommend you to post your  thoughts directly to
> > guido at
> NO! Do not do this.  Guido is already way too busy to have such stuff
> imposed on him.
> Posting here was exactly the right thing to do.
> >Guido is the source for a possible change.

I won't, don't be scared.

Obviously my "ideas/thoughts" are MY "personal problem" with Python as
I understand the comments so far and I must first learn more Python
before I can state things that disturbed me while learning...

Greetings from a Python-learner,

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