"ulimit -s" has no effect?

Maciej Kalisiak mac at dgp.toronto.edu
Mon Feb 9 19:48:34 CET 2004

Josiah Carlson <jcarlson at nospam.uci.edu> writes:
> visit(v) is now non-recursive.  I ran a test on a randomly generated 26 node
> graph, and both versions resulted in the same components, node visit order,
> etc.  I think you'll be happy with it.

Thanks!  I'll have a look at it soon, currently swamped.  It should be a good
practical example of recursive->iterative conversion; never know when I'll
have to do something similar again..

> I notice that you are a graduate student at the University of Toronto. Out of
> curiosity, what area are you focusing on?  From your playing with Tarjan's
> algorithm, I would expect that you are either a Theory student, or are taking
> a Theory course to fulfill a requirement of some sort. It's all good.

Alas, no, I'm more on the application side of things.  My main area is
computer graphics and animation, although my research makes substantial
use of AI (path planning, surface learning) and robotics (controllability,
control theory).  There's some more info on my homepage.

I *did* take an (Advanced Topics in) Graph Theory course though.  Ouch, my head
still hurts.  My brain is just not wired that way. :)

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