javadoc for python

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Tue Feb 3 07:36:30 CET 2004

> I played a little with happydoc and pydoc and wonder which one I should use.
> Also, is there a better documentation general available (I am spoiled by
> javadoc).
> Lastly, I could not find good documentation for either happydoc or pydoc.
> Thanks.

 From your post, you are seemingly just looking for documentation on 
everything that is included with Python.  This can be found here:

If you installed the documentation for Python, when you installed 
Python, it is also included at <path where you installed python>/doc

Personally, I find no need for pydoc or happydoc, I prefer reading the 
source.  Because of the way pydoc (and likely happydoc) pull out 
documentation, all the documentation that is gained from using them is 
readily available in the source, along with comments that are not 
included when the help files are pulled out with pydoc.

  - Josiah

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