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Arthur ajsiegel at
Fri Feb 27 13:42:32 CET 2004

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:35:26 +0100, b-blochl <bblochl2 at>
>My  starting point was the modifier static in combination with final. (I 
>will use it to define natural constants once, without a chance to change 
>them, may be eventually by inattention.) But I argue that that 
>JAVA-concepts are not familiar in the python world. (One should look 
>over the fence from time to time!)

You set a good example by looking over the fence, to Python.

> The modifier "final" (he keyword 
>final) means that the value assigned to a name is final and will never 
>change. such name declared *static and final* will exist as a single 
>copy of the constant and will be shared among all the objects 
>instantiated from the class.

I think we all understand that.

>Preventing  programmers to reassign values of Variables is obligate 
>suspicion for the sake of robust professional program development. 

*You* introduced the issue of teaching introductory prgramming .
Assumedly, at University - not trade school.  I opined that an
emphasis on issues related to  "robust professional development"  were
out of place in such a course. 

I happen to also believe that programming is, inherenetly, a rigrous
discipline.  And object strenously to pedagogical approaches that look
to soft pedal that fact.

So please don't misunderstand my point.

And was hoping that in looking over the fence to Python you might see
something that would allow you  a more natural, flexible and powerful
approach to teaching 

There is no indication you have seen my point, and rejected it.  Which
I would prefer.

I am not a professional developer working in a robust professional
environment. I leave it to the many Python developers who are, to
argue your other concerns.


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