Python Productivity Gain?

simo simoninusa2001 at
Wed Feb 18 20:12:30 CET 2004

It's interesting that most of us have shared a similar "language

Personally mine is [mainly]:

BBC BASIC (the best BASIC, dont' get me started on QBasic/VB!)
ARM Assembly (damn, no divide, but bloody fast)
Perl (my preciousssss)
PHP (nice DB stuff, bloody slow though)
Java (way too trendy for me, and slow)
C (nice and low level)
C++ (actually prefer C, C++ seems to hold you hand too much)
C# (too much like J++ or ASP)
Python (GUI stuff is sooo easy!)

So my current favourites are Perl for CGI and Python for
cross-platform, scriptable-GUI stuff.

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