mailing list problems?

Tim Jarman tim.jarman at
Mon Feb 16 22:53:37 CET 2004

On Sunday 15 Feb 2004 8:38 pm, Wayne Folta wrote:
> > I have today seen only 5 mailing list messages to the python-list.
> > I see >30 messages in newsgroup.
> > Do other people experience problems as well, or do I have a problem at
> > my
> > end?
> No, I've only seen a handful of messages in the last couple of days,
> too. It's strange to see more messages in the Mac Python list than in
> this one. (My domain is ".to", but I'm in the US, if that makes a
> difference.)

Same in the UK (on a .net domain). Other lists I'm on seem to have the 
expected volume of traffic, although it's hard to be sure as the others are 
all much less busy than c.l.p.

I'm also seeing *a lot* of spam, which may or may not be relevant.

Tim J

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