AOP and metaclasses ['LBBW': checked]

Holger Joukl Holger.Joukl at
Fri Feb 20 16:43:49 CET 2004

Can you do like that with metaclasses, at runtime I mean?
Maybe you could use another approach, taken from the python cookbook,
functionality to a class (see

>>> import new, types
>>> class UserClass:
...     def method1(self, a):
...         self.m1 = a
...     def method2(self):
...         print "UserClass.method2"
...     def show(self):
...         print self.m1
>>> def enhance(klass, methodName, replacer):
...     method = getattr(klass, methodName)
...     setattr(klass, methodName, new.instancemethod(lambda *args,
**kwargs: apply(replacer, (method, ) + args, kwargs), None, klass))...
>>> def logcalls(meth, self, *args, **kwargs):
...     print "calling", meth
...     return meth(self, *args, **kwargs)
>>> def enhance_all(klass, with):
...     for name, attr in klass.__dict__.items():
...         if isinstance(attr, types.FunctionType):
...             enhance(klass, name, logcalls)
>>> enhance_all(UserClass, logcalls)
>>> u = UserClass()
>>> u.method1(234)
calling <unbound method UserClass.method1>
>>> u.method2()
calling <unbound method UserClass.method2>

Im trying to use AOP techniques on python but, even if I understand
the idea behind metaclasses, I cant find a way to use AOP in a dynamic

What im trying to do is to weave an aspect to a class at runtime, but
i don't want to include any special code or definition in the class
itself. Also, i want to do
it just for some particular classes. Is there any way to do this?

I know its possible to apply an aspect to all the classes by
redefining __metaclass__, and that I can do the same with a single
class by assigning to __metaclass__ inside the class definition.
However, I want to avoid the last step, so i can apply the aspect to
any class.


saludos! santiago.

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