where does Python stand?

Lothar Scholz llothar at web.de
Sun Feb 8 17:29:51 CET 2004

crescent_au at yahoo.com (Ben) wrote in message news:<d99e1341.0402080236.79d3d939 at posting.google.com>...
> Josiah Carlson <jcarlson at nospam.uci.edu> wrote in message news:<c03its$emc$1 at news.service.uci.edu>...
> > 
> > If you know Dreamweaver, Python, Java, JavaScript, and CGI using Python, 
> > C, and C++, and you /don't know/ how/where to get started on your 
> > project...that is some serious indecision.  Pick your favorite language, 
> > and write your app.
> to this as "serious indecision", then so be it! I got nothing to
> say....

Then maybe the first thing that you shouldn't say is that you now
Python,Java,JavaScript, C, C++ if the only thing you know is the names
of this languages.

Sorry but this is some kind of fucking marketing rhetorik. If you
really now at least one of them your postings would be much different.
Nobody has a problem with newbies here, but the people who say they
know a lot but don't do it in reality are not very welcome - nowhere.

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